Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Small Changes

I think making small changes can make a big difference. I used to park close to my office on a daily basis. The the closer I parked to my office, the harder that walk seemed every day. I made a change this semester; I started parking on the other side of campus. I have to walk up four flights of stairs to get to the quad, then I have about a quarter mile walk to my office.  I realized this morning that I was no longer tired walking to my office in the morning.  I did not do anything drastic but I made a small change that adds a bit of exercise to my morning routine.  I don’t deviate from the route even if I am late or if it is raining. I keep a poncho in my briefcase and I wear sneakers every morning to make the walk easier.
Sometimes we make thing so complicated that we become roadblocks to our self. Creating a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as parking farther away from the grocery store. You can even modify your everyday meals to make them healthier and reduce the calories.   I am a cheeseaholic; I admit that until recently I used to slather cheese on everything.  Mainly because I thought it made everything taste better. Two months ago I stopped using cheese completely.  Instead I load eggs and sandwiches with vegetables. I still have flavor but I don’t miss the cheese at all.  I don’t feel deprived, it was small change.
Removing the cheese has removed 500 calorie and 45 grams of fat per week from my diet.  Considering that it only takes a reduction of 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat.  If I only made that change I could possible lose one pound in 7 weeks.  However adding in the daily addition of exercise I can actually lose one pound in 4 weeks. It does not seem like a lot but in a year that is 12 pounds you have lost with minimal effort.
If sticking to a plan is a difficult task for you, start making small changes every week.


Dana said...

Good for you!!!!! I have also been making some changes but I am not so sure I am ready to give up my garage parking spot here at work...especially with the colder temperatures approaching!

LaQuanda said...

You are such an inspiration. We often (i often) come up with 50 reasons i CAN'T do something such as "I work out better in the morning," however that 5 am wake is terrible when i just went to sleep at midnight.
I park on the 2nd level of the parking garage at work and take the stairs. i then take the stairs to get to my office. somedays, the ones when i'm late, are hardest cuz it takes a little more time to make it up the stairs, but I am committed to making the small changes to get the big results.