Friday, October 15, 2010

Give Back

Going through this journey has made me reflect on  those in need. In particular women in need of the basic necessities to feel beautiful.   As I have dropped the pounds I  removed  clothing from my closet that no longer fits. Initially I would donate the clothing to the rescue mission  or drop them in a clothing box on the side of the road.  If you know me them you know I love to shop , so I have lots  clothing to give away. 
I recently had the pleasure to meet with a women who  was living in  domestic violence shelter.  She’d come there with only the clothes on her back.  She told me of the horrible hand me downs that they received.  That many times people donate clothing they would no longer wear themselves  to the shelters.    She spoke of missing her slippers,  her favorite dress and how simples things can make you feel beautiful . I moved, can imagine escaping your home in the middle of the night with nothing.  It made reflect on the things that I take for granted, like my bath robe, scented lotions and a beautiful night gown.  Things that I have  and use on daily basis, that help me feel wonderful before bed. My favorite dress and  my shoes ( I love shoes). This may all sound superficial but it is the little things  that  can put a smile on your  face sometimes.  A woman does have the need to feel beautiful and beautiful piece of clothing or shoes can do that.
I decided that my loss will be another woman’s gain!  I am donating all of my  old clothing to a women’s shelter in my area.  I will take care to look through the clothing and make sure that I would actually wear  it. I am also going to donate my weight loss in beauty products.  I am hoping that you all will join me and participate in your area.  It is as simple as contacting a shelter and letting them know you want to donate.
Now my journey has new meaning !

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BigP's Heather said...


I just got a bath and body works card for my birthday and I didn't know what to do because I have lotion/bath gel/bubble bath coming out my ears.

I now know what I'm doing with that gift card!