Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Couples Therapy

Seriously that is what it is!!Working out with my husband has strengthen our relationship. We started working out together when we were dating but one of us would be more committed than the other. That was frustrating and we would both fall off our routines. However years after we got married, we  would work out in the gym together and compete on machines. Our diets however were not as good as they could be so we did not see the results we desired, once again we fell off.

As you all know I started on a weight loss journey on my own and built a strong foundation. I had some individuals goals that I met before we started working out again together. My husband also started to plan out his own goals and put a plan in to action.  That was over  two years ago and one thing remains constant, we either work out together or we work out alone. Fitness has become a part of our lives and we have learned to balance each other out.  I can get lazy during reps and he motivates me to push harder. Sometimes he needs a little nudge to get started, so I push him.

We  laugh, joke , listen to great music and talk about everything under the sun while we train. I am the first to notice his body change and he is the first to notice subtle changes in mine.  My children train with us on the weekends and it hilarious to see them try and do yoga moves. My oldest is actually really   strong and will drop down and do  push ups and  sit ups like a pro. I feel like my family benefits from our new habits  and my children don't stop a workout from occurring. We find a way to do it with them.

We no longer train in expensive gyms, we hit the gym at the University because it is free. Most of the time we train at home or outside( you will catch me in university gym daily for my cardio fix).  This past summer you would see us at the play ground with the kids  doing our routine while the kids played.  The boys would run over and join in periodically then go back and play when they got bored.

We just started a new round of P90X together and it is amazing how much stronger we are. I  go to bed every night knowing that I will have blast in morning.  After the kids are off in the morning we have a 8am date to press play or run 4 miles. We are stronger in every way,so if you are sitting on the couch with your spouse try getting up together.