Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't wait until you lose weight

  I was emailed by a reader who told me that she loved one of my goals. She said she used to always say when she lost weight  she would do x amount of things. Now that she is 62 years old she realized that she is still waiting. Thirty years have passed since she first started on her weight loss journey.  As a teen I waited to do things  until I lost weight.Now that I have a bit more life experience I know a few things for sure.

You never look as bad as you think you do, you will look back at pictures and say " wow I wish I  was that size again."  sometimes our perspective is tainted when we have a goal set,

 Waiting to buy clothes means you look frumpy in the meantime. Why should you look horrible until you lose weight. Celebrate who you are today as well as who you want to be.

Don't talk about losing weight all the time! Why draw attention to something that may not be an issue for others. It sounds like  you are sad and unhappy with yourself.

Smile and focus on the positive aspects of this journey. If you are not happy now losing weight wont change a thing.

They make swimming suits in different sizes for a reason. Go to the beach, enjoy the sand and the sun.  Fitting into a bikini next year means you have to wait. Rejoice next year by looking back and seeing how far you have come.

Tommorow is never promised waiting until _____ means you let life pass you by!

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