Monday, June 4, 2012

My scale is broken!!!!

Yup, my scale is broken and I have been traveling,working ,packing,mothering and all those thing that have kept me from my weekly meeting. So for the first time in 22months I have no Idea how much I weigh.  It did make me realize that I just might be a "Scale B****".   I have for that past 22 months known how much I weighted down to the ounce, like a new born baby. Yeah I have taken scale breaks but nothing significant enough to brag about.

I am thinking it might be time for me to retire form the scale for a significant time. Since I am obviously obsessed with her. I am thinking of a slow tapering of weigh ins.I will maintain my weekly weigh in status until I confirm my lifetime status. I think I have a least 4 more weeks of maintenance. Then I will taper to a once a month weigh in. Since my home(girl) scale is broken,I will actually have to leave my house to weigh in!!  No more morning peaks before meetings and no more midweek estimations.

I am having a memorial service for my lovely dear friend,who  regardless of how much I cursed at, jumped on or screamed at remained faithful. That was until my 2 year had his way with her last week, I can only imagine the horrific pain my poor scale must have been in . As he dropped her ,over and over again from the side of the couch and proceeded to scoot over her with his bike.

Seriously though, I am walking away from the scale for a while to concentrate on being consistent in my regimen. So that I wont let every pound make or ruin my day. Change is a scary thing and this will definitely be  change for me. I am also buying myself a full body mirror, but I will update you on that in my next post.