Tuesday, June 2, 2015

7 weeks until 36

As the title implies I am turning 36 in seven weeks. For the past 5 years I have been giving my self a special gift.  I want be my best physically and  emotionally on my birthday.  So for the last seven weeks of the year, I chose seven because that is my number(ha ha), I work on me.  I usually sit down and make this long drawn out plan for everyday and  I try to  follow it down to the letter.

This year I decided  to nix that idea,  as I turn 36 I want to be more carefree with my life. I have a few things that intend to do:

1. Eat to live
2. Stay off the scale
5 .Embrace Yoga
7. Smile and laugh more
8.  Enjoy playing with my children
9. Love myself  everyday, no matter what
10.  Read or listen to books
11. Write everyday

These things might seem simple but I find because I wear so many hats, that I don't give to myself. So decided to be intentional about it at the end of each year.

The next seven weeks, I will give these gifts to myself!!