Sunday, February 22, 2015

P90X Round 6

So I decided to dive back in to P90X before the summer started to sneak up on me. This is my sixth round in 4 1/2 years and I love this program. One of the challenges I have been having is getting to the gym in the morning.  I am teaching 9am classes this semester and I have to get the kids off to school.  So I decided that one of my best options would be to do cardio in the morning and P90X  when I get home.  

I prefer the gym in the morning when machine are available and my routine takes about 90 minutes including cardio. So if I hit my 45 minutes of cardio in the morning then do weights (P90X) at home, I should be good. Initially I planned to start Saturday but then decided to reconfigure to a traditional schedule.  So even though I am feeling under the weather, I did my fit test today. I figure shoot, I can only get better as I go forward( insert painful laughter here).  I was impressed with what I could do at half my usual gusto. 

My 90 day will end in May, so it will be just in time for me to have easy access to the gym again. Hopefully with great gains made in my upper body strength. I will check periodically and give a update. Oh I also started tracking again with Weight Watchers(it keeps me honest), grabbed a three month subscription for a steal. So this is my plan until May, after that I am sure I will be pleased to get outside and run again. If it warms up my morning cardio will be pavement pushing!

What is your plan? 



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snowmagedden 2015

It started snowing on Sunday and we have basically been in the house with exception of sledding and trips to the grocery store. I hit our community gym and jumped on the elliptical and did a few in home workouts but lets be honest, I have not worked out as hard  or watched my intake nearly as much as I should have.

So this week I might have a gain and the scale will tell me the truth of my actions. Am I upset about it ?NO! I enjoyed my boys and husband. We went sledding at 11pm, roasted s'mores, watched endless movies and ate popcorn. We danced to loud music and vegged in Pjs all day, I was able to motivate my friends from afar. I lounged in front of the fire and drank wine with my husband while reminiscing about the snow days B.C. (Before Children). I got absolutely no work done other than a conference call and a few emails. 

This was great week that ends with my husband and I celebrating 13 years together(10 1/2 years married and 13 years together ). So I lived In the moment and it is okay, if you were not perfect this week it is okay. I won't remember that I gained a pound this week but I will remember the fun we had as a family. I will remember the smiles and laughs that we had this week.  It was worth it to me!  When  I first started this journey over four years ago, there was no way I could have done this and bounced back. I know now that there is always tomorrow  and that you have to live to continue on this journey successfully. 

So don't beat yourself up about one week, I guarantee that I will be back in beast mode starting Saturday mourning. No worries here. 

Be good to you!
Blessings K

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Truth of it All - Original post date(12/14/13)

So I can say out loud I am just tired of working out and eating right. I mean really tired of thinking about it all the time. I just want to sit down and eat a large burger, shake and fries without worrying about it going to my thighs.  Let's be real for a moment, I know many of you are thinking the same thing.  If you could get away with it, you would be sitting in a booth at Steak and Shake right now. Shoot I know I would, I guess I am tired of the idea that we can not admit we want to eat crap sometimes.  I don't know anyone who walks around eating healthy all the time but it seems like that is the expectation.

I am flawed person and honestly enjoy a nice burger once in a while.  My only issue is that now I know how many calories that exist in that one meal. Which means that I am consuming  a days worth of calories  in one meal.
It sucks to know that, I miss the ignorance of not knowing and enjoying it. So now instead of enjoying a a burger in a fast food restaurant, I enjoy one at home. I skip the fries and opt for a salad and use a light bun.  I mean I still have the burger but the experience is different now.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad that I am no longer ignorant to calories or how I should eat.  I am much healthier than I was and can walk up 5 flights of stairs carrying  my bags, with no problem. I can run 6 miles, squat 180 pounds, do 30 push ups in a minute and I look good in shorts.  I said all  of this just to say, yeah I miss eating a burger, fries and a shake at times. However, I do prefer my new life to the old one.( Trying to convince myself maybe, LOL.)

Blessings K

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I took a much needed break from blogging and talking about all thing fitness for a while. Things just got hectic and I needed to let go. Just like anything you love, when you enjoy something it stays in the front of your mind. So to be honest I have been blogging and writing while I was away but I did not post them.

So over the next few weeks I will share with you some of the thoughts and ideas I had while I was away. In addition to sharing with you the struggle to maintain weight loss after being overweight most of your life. No one ever tells you that losing the weight is a battle but maintaining the weight loss is a journey.

I think that along the way this blog has become about much more than just weight loss. It has become about my passion to help others. So you might see other topics pop up now and then. I just hope that you will come along for  the ride again.