Thursday, November 26, 2015

Protecting Love

I was going through my hanging jewelry bag and found this box.

15 years ago my husband got down on one knee Christmas night and pulled out this out . It was 11:30pm and I did not think he would propose that night.  Since that night I have not thought much about this box. I have just kept it safe with my jewelry.

Today I the sight of this box showed me an example of a promise fulfilled everyday. Life will never be perfect but like this box I have a classic love. You see love is not perfect, it will wear, get old and change. What matters is where you keep it, are you protecting that love so that it will stand the test of time? Do you provide maintenance to your love periodically , you know like you shine and clean your jewelry. 

This box does not cost a lot of money, it served a sentimental purpose though. Just like our love it has no monetary value, just the value we assign to it. So it remains valuable only if we assign value to it. We have chosen to keep it in a place where only we can find it. A love that is just right for us because our love does not compare to any other love.

For some other woman this box may seem like a trinket that will be out shined by the ring inside. To me the box remains even as the ring has been upgraded and resized. It is the box that matters, it is a vessel. 

This box will be with us for a lifetime just like our love.