Saturday, October 2, 2010


Being a mother is the greatest accomplishment that I have in my life. It has taught me a lot about love, sacrifice and multitasking. As parents, we will do what ever it takes to give our children what they need.  We often sacrifice our own health and beauty to accomplish that goal. As a mother of two, I am guilty of putting my children, husband and household before myself.  Although I take joy in taking care of my family, I find myself unhappy when I neglect myself.
I realize that everyone in my life is happier when I am happy.  So I must do things for myself and that includes exercise.  I can remember countless times that I sacrificed my exercise time for family events or obligations.  I would feel the satisfaction of taking care of my family but the regret of losing “me time”.  It began to seem like I had less time for me in my daily routine.
Now I take an hour every evening to workout or run but when my husband is at work I jump on the elliptical.  My oldest usually get’s quiet time while I work out and I put the baby in his swing. I also encourage my husband to take an hour because I realize he needs that release as well.  I am a happier mom, wife and woman since I started focusing on myself for a portion of the day. 
I am still a wonderful mother and wife but I am also a wonderful me.

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