Friday, October 1, 2010

Goals in progress

I  think it is important to have healthy lifestyle goals.  So I have spent about a week creating mine for the  year. Initially I was thinking in terms of weight that I want to lose.  I  slowly came to realize that  fixation  on a specific number  can  cause unnecessary pressure. I have been watching numbers rise and fall far too long.  So my goals are based on how I want  my body to look, feel and how I want to fit in clothing.
1.       I will  to focus on toning my lower body . My goal is to do lower body exercises 3 time a week. 
2.       I will  run for at least 25 minutes 3 day a week until it feels easy. I will increase my distance and time when necessary.
3.       I want my clothes to fit without bunching  in the abdominal  area
4.       I will  wear shorts next summer without feeling self conscious about my legs
5.       I will stop the mindless eating and track everything  that I put in my mouth
6.       I will drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water a day
7.       I will not deprive myself of certain foods, but I will observe portion sizes
8.       I will not wait to lose weight to purchase clothing
9.       I will not beat myself up about setback but I will remember that every meal is an opportunity to start over
10.   I will not have an entire cheat day but have a special meal. Giving myself and entire day allows me to eat mindlessly and inject far too many calories.
I am sure  there will be more to come but this is what I have so far!!

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BigP's Heather said...

I am trying to lose weight too and these goals are FANTASTIC!!

I'm so excited to be reading along and hopefully this will help keep me motivated too!