Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!!!!!

The rain is really messing up my workout plans lately! So I had to make some decision, I mean am I going to let the rain stop me from hitting the pavement. Since we are going on week two of constant rain, the answer had to be NO. I  have dodged the torrential downpours so far but I knew my luck would run out.

So today  I packed my poncho and after work today, I headed out for my run. Half way through my route, it started to rain and I pulled out my poncho.  It actually was not that  bad, the rain cooled me down and I felt my stride increase.  I made in home in record time, in fact as I turned the corner on my street the rain stopped.  I of course had to wash and blow dry my hair but that  was not a real issue since I am natural.

I am very proud o f myself for removing a roadblock, getting of the couch is getting easier each day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Small victories

 I have a list of small victories that I want to share:

1. I broke into the 170"s 

2.  I ran 3 miles in 29 minutes today

3. I went 7 days without chocolate

4. My dress size is officially a 10

5. I can do 35 push up without stopping

6. I have only 2 processed food product in my pantry, so my pantry 97% clean

7. In the past 6 months I've ran 678miles

Some people might look at this list and think these things are insignificant. To me they are my small victories and every victory counts!!!  Sometimes I get so caught in my overall goal that I forget to celebrate the small victories. This week I made a conscious decision to look at some of the immediate accomplishments I have made. So if you haven't done so today CELEBRATE!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reving up for summer

I am so in love with the sunshine!!! With gas prices so high I really  had to put getting fit in perspective. The most basic tools you can use are your legs. My job is a few miles from my home, by car it takes me literally 10 minutes to get to work.  I decided that I would run home from work 2 days a week. I started this venture about two weeks ago. The first day I did a combination of walking and running, I think more so because I needed to scope out my surroundings.

The first time I take a new route, I feel it is necessary to scope out your surroundings for safety. Look at the buildings and residences in the area.  I make myself  aware of the people that are hanging around on a regular basis. In fact I always make sure to look out for mom's with children that I see on a regular basis. I make it a point to speak to them regularly. Mothers are very observant , even more so when they are outside with their children. In the event that you are ever in trouble that will be the person to remember you and what  happened .

The next thing I pay attention to  are the small business's in the area and what time they open and close. Most small business's have loyal customers and maintain consistent hours and employees. I make it a point to stop in and patronize one of them to make myself familiar with owner and so that have another safe zone. Finally I scope out the terrain and the traffic pattern. 

I  have cut my commute home down to 30 minutes and it is actually refreshing to  burn off all the stress of work  before I get home.  Did I tell you all that I am doing P90X, I will be completing my first 90 days in the second week of june. I will post my results then, Thanks again for all your support and encouragement!!!!