Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finding Balance

It truly has been a long time since I decided to write a post. I must be honest, I have opened a post several times and  could never find the right words to express myself. This has truly been a journey and like any journey there are bumps in the road. For me it came in March when I received a phone call that my father had died.

Now I did not have a close relationship with my father but his absence made a significant impact on my life. I always thought that we would have more time to know each other and heal. That may sound stupid but at thirty-four that was my get by. I was was not aware of how his death would rock my world and change my reality. In the process of  planning  his funeral and settling his affairs I found myself  revisiting my life and looking at who I am. I was  immersed in and full of grief and regret, that I thought exercise would help me overcome.

In truth exercise did not heal my wounds but it did help me cope. I however did see that I was focused  far too much on who I used to be. I was far too concerned with going backwards and failed to appreciate who I was(or am).  So I needed to step back and I was forced to sit down, due to a nagging injury that I had  ignored for months.

The result has been a happier me, I exercise four days a week instead of the six days I was stuck on. I am giving my body the time it needs to heal.  Don't get me wrong I do get frustrated with my injury because I want to run!!! I know it will happen in time and I will be stronger in the end.  I am still eating 80% clean and loving it.

So in short I am still finding my way but I am happy!

Blessings K