Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don’t Get That Old Thing Back

It is funny how going back to my hometown triggers old habits.  I realize that in the past going home was bout eating food from home.  So this weekend we went back to our hometown for a family gathering.   As we entered the city I could feel the old me creeping back into the picture.  I started to think about all the great restaurants we would visit on previous trips back home.  I realized that vacation has been a code for all you can eat week or weekend. 
We can’t stop going out to eat or enjoying the taste of home when we visit.  You must plan your meals regardless of where you are eating. Sometimes this is a difficult task because you can easily fall back into bad habits. For example we went to our favorite diner for breakfast anticipating the great food. By the time we were seated I had totally forgotten my plan. I ordered a large breakfast that included all my favorite things.  When my order arrived, I looked at all the food and realized my mistake. Instead of saying forget it and just eating it all, I asked for a smaller plate. I then took a sample of each item and put them on my smaller plate.  I moved the rest of the food to the side and when the waitress returned I asked her to remove the plate.
I was able to enjoy the flavors of home reasonably; I am slowly learning how to stay on my plan!!   Deprivation is not a part of my plan therefore I must balances my portion sizes to meet my plan.

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LaQuanda said...

i am proud of you!