Monday, March 28, 2016

Silence No More

I have sat down to write my story many times and most of them have been failed attempts.  I had to realize that this my story, the one I consider part of my life and I decided that I am going to tell it my way and on my terms.  So for many this may not be the way they feel the story should be told but I don’t care. I was silenced as a child and told not to share our business with world. Most of the time I walked away from writing this story out of fear, fear of losing my family and never being able to talk to them again. I thought that my silence would keep the people I loved close and they would at least love me for it.  The funny thing is that without me telling my truth or this story out loud it allowed  people to mistreat me. I am writing this story for all the women I met along the way that have been afraid to tell their truth. For those women and girls who have been made to sit in silence while dealing with their abusers on a daily basis. I am also choosing to share experiences in my life that we don’t talk about that I think we are silenced about or are considered taboo topics. Silence will not dominate my life anymore, I am telling my story, I am telling my truth. These stories of my life will be the beginning of my project: "Silence no More".  Where I will allow women to tell stories on their terms about how not talking about taboo issues have created silence and damaged their lives!!!