Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Changes, Beautiful Changes

I have been natural for about ten years. For the most part I have worn braids, weaves, afros, wigs,twists and occasionally I have rocked a press and curl. With a consistent work out schedule the one thing I have noticed is that my hairstyles don't last long. My braids are lasting about six weeks and then they need to be redone. So that is a pretty expensive  thing to deal with at $120 to $200  every six weeks.

The other issue I have is that my hair tends to loc when I am wearing braids and taking them out has become a process. I am tired of afros and I don't think I could stand another weave. So for about two years I have been considering locing my hair. I went back and forth because I feel like it is a permanent decision and I wanted to be confidant in my decision.  I took the plunge last week and got some coils put in my hair to start the locing process.  I excited to see what they will become.

I am also on the hunt for a gym with a bit more to it than Planet Fitness. I have to say I am horribly bored with that place. They lack  variety in their equipment is driving me insane.  Now for 20$ a month they are a steal. If you are just starting out then I would recommend a gym with a minimal investment. Now that I am ten pounds away from my goal, I see that my work out routine is a bit more extensive than it used to be. I spend about two hours in the gym five days a week. 45 minutes on cardio, 45 minutes on weights, then thirty minutes on my warm up and cool down. I  find my self bored with P90X and Insanity and I don't want to reach a road block .

So I decided to tour the gyms in my area and  have taken advantage of the weekly free passes. I am currently visiting Golds and I love it.  I think I  am sold they have something for my entire family. Now the issue is that Golds is expensive  for a family membership it is 109.00 a month. That is a large chunk of change. It does include a kids club and free child care for two hours while you workout. The kids gym is awesome and shoot, I want to play in there. I love the fact that my husband and I will be able to work out together again with out the children. I also will be able to work out when he is working.  I guess I am kind of talking my self into it right now. So I am on the fence and I am trying to see how that will fit into my budget.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Releasing the invisible weight

Losing this weight has be a serious journey, not just a physical one either. It has been a emotional and mental journey. Many of us carry with us an invisible weight. One that keeps us in the refrigerator trying to eat away the pain of the past traumatic events.   I realize that even if I change my physically habits, that mentally I can still be where I was. Yes I was over weight because I ate too much but why  was I eating.

Addressing that question is the beginning of healing wounds that have been open for over 20 years. I have no doubt that I may lose a  few people along the way. I am however done carrying the burdens of old. Wrongs that were not my own and protecting secrets that unearth the Mr. Hyde's lurking around.  20 years of weight that I smothered myself with, over 100lbs of weight. 

As I release my self of this weight I can only imagine what many of you are holding onto. Many times we think that we must suffer in silence to protect others. In the long run, you are suffering and  those you protect  are living.  As you make external changes, you will  soon find a desire to make internal changes. When  you make positive  internal changes, your external life will reflect the positivity you are encompassing.

Today I am free all of the weight , that was holding me down. Light as a feather........