Monday, April 30, 2018

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What are We Doing to Our Community?

I am going to speak on , but I am also going to put this in perspective so those in defense of black men who abuse are answered as well. Yes the justice system and the prison industrial complex is set up so people of color may be disproportionately convicted.

It is important that we not use that excuse in these cases. These are rich & powerful men. Who have privilege, money and opportunity. They have been insulated from the everyday struggle in black America. In addition when we bring these issues in to the debate about it helps to perpetuate the surrounding this issue in the community . The that is predicated by this idea that we still must protect from being . So must come to the rescue of regardless of the abuse they suffered.

B have not just been devalued because of a unjust system. She has also been devalued because since she has been tasked with the job of . Resulting in being and . In addition to being called the instigator of her own abuse.

The defense of , . Kelly and etc, is part of a generational psychological conditioning that we as descents of slavery have failed to unlock the shackles that chain us to this ideology. We need to look deeper and stop blaming the and .Kelly issues on an unjust justice system. It needs to be seen for what it is: going to jail and getting justice. Why should it matter if these other men who happen to be white are not punished. Their cases are separate and all uniquely different. Wrong is wrong and must be held accountable for their crimes against .

Especially of power who use it to sexually exploit women. Let us not forget a few prominent were victims of and most of them were not part of the 24 hr news cycle. They were the background noise to the suffering of When said: The most disrespected in , is the . The most un-protected person in is the . The most neglected person in , is the . He called on to protect her! Yet decades later she is still and when ever she decides to speak out against the abuse she suffers at the hands of K who has been for almost 9 years is now a under attack.

This is because a man who people consider to be has be of abusing her. Doing to her what a similar woman, C wrote in her book. So now two want to just this ?  That logic is flawed and is indeed fallacious. Keeping in mind neither women wants him to go to . They just decided to break their silence on the issue.
The idea of these men being good and doing good for the community is supposed to be proof they did not these women. That thought process is wrong because what I can attest to and many other can attest to is these "good" men wear their good deeds as beards.
The prey upon and and their defense is: "look at what I do in the community. My philanthropy and all the good I have participated in. I am a nice person". Yet they behind closed doors they are , and both and .
We need to realize you only know what you see. Which is from a to his and you have no idea what he has done or who he really is. Yet many people have an unwavering defense of men in this position and the are called s, liars and there is now a to steal a legacy. This does not just happen with celebrities, you see this in our communities when men are accused of abuse.
When will there be just as much of this vehement defense and protection of or will you allow us to remain , and zed as long as you can keep your hero. Not to mention there some bashing these other women for the same reason men are bashing them. In addition in our communities there are women who know these men are guilty but cover for them no matter what the cost. This cycle of and will remain until we can hold accountable for their crimes. Even if they happen to be , and . Until then we will continue keep producing who are and are taught to be in the face of .