Tuesday, March 17, 2015



So last night I gave a speech about empowerment, as part of a series. I was honored to be chosen to open this conference. I provided a clip below, please enjoy.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Even The Best Plans.......

Sometimes in life you make a plan and it does not work out. That is what happened to me the last few weeks. I intended to start P90X  two weeks ago but then illness happened and I even tried to do the first day I fell ill but my but body would  not let me. So I focused on my diet, actually trying to eat because my appetite was gone.

At first I was disappointed and intended to try to make up the days so I could stay on schedule and complete my plan when I intended to.  I had to realize was absolutely crazy  and that I had not really even started. So I had to scrap that plan and to make matters worse, Saturday night I realized I had and ear infection. So my plan to start Sunday would not happen either, plans sometimes must change.  My goal however remains the same, so today is day one for my sixth round of P90X, I decided to do the Lean program this time.

In the past I would have been insane and decided to do double until I got back on schedule. I am so glad that I have relaxed on this journey and accepted that things sometimes don't work out as planned. It is still possible  to complete a goal even when your journey is a bit longer than intended.

I will tell you this I am ready for spring!!!!!!