Monday, June 24, 2013

Embracing You Now

Wow this journey is a difficult one. I am now spending more time learning to embrace me. Embrace me for who I am right now, not who I will become. When you are on a weight loss journey,  a journey to improve your life, you spend a lot of time in judgement. Sitting in judgement of yourself can be a difficult task.You become critical and start to dissect you self and you are always looking for a new thing to improve.
As I type this I am at an intensive leadership learning retreat for my doctoral program.  We have spent the last 48 hours learning how to recognize our strengths.  In addition to, stop spending time trying to improve our weaknesses. Not to ignore our weakness but to recognize them and to prevent them from hindering our strengths. Then to use our strengths to be the best version of ourselves possible.

I kept thinking of this journey as we were having small group discussions. Much of this journey is looking at our weakness as something we must alleviate,instead of looking at our strengths and seeing how they can over shadow our weakness.

I came to a reality that I need to rearrange my thinking about this journey.  I am going to take some time to learn how to capitalize on my strengths. As of July 1st I plan to take a month long hiatus from social networking and blogging( I know I have been a slacker anyway). Then I am going to come back here on August 1st  with a new perspective. I hope that it will be able to help you find a new perspective as well.