Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Many times I have failed because I did not hold myself accountable for my actions.  You see it all the time a person drops twenty or thirty pounds and they shout it from the rooftops. They do this because they are proud of what they accomplished and want to share it with the world.  The same person when they fall off the wagon makes excuses for their failure.  My go to excuse used to be that I did not have time. I was too busy with work, school and family to focus on my health.  When I actually write those words, I see how silly I sound. 

I have slowly learned over the years to make myself accountable for my actions.  I keep a daily journal of my food and water intake. I write what I am eating and why I am eating it.  This way I actually have to provide sound reasoning for my actions.  It also helps me that my husband is my accountability partner, I asked him to hold me accountable when he sees that I am getting off track.  I trust him to be fair, reasonable and firm with me. If you have someone in your life like that then you may need to ask them to be your accountability partner. My best friend uses me as her accountability partner and I take that responsibility seriously because she trusts me with her health.
You must remember we all get off track sometimes and you should never beat yourself up about it. However, you need to be realistic because if you spend more time off track than you do on your plan then you have a problem.  It may be time to evaluate your plans practicality and determine if it is causing new problems in your life.  An impractical and restrictive plan will cause you to feel trapped and you will be overwhelmed.  This is meant to be a lifestyle change, when you change your lifestyle you are affecting your attitudes, values and beliefs. You have been committed  and practicing  your old lifestyle for a long period of time.  It is going to take some time to change and for that change to be permanent you need to be accountable to yourself.
Remember only you can make the decision to change! Hold yourself accountable, stay positive and GET UP OFF THE COUCH!!! 

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