Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seriously I am ,I actually know what the words are to all my workout DVDs. I find my self mocking them as I am going through the workouts. Honestly I have been here before but I would just mix it up or take a break. Well I am not in the mood for a break and I have mixed it up every witch way.

So, I decided to do some research on new plans and products that might peak my interest. I stumbled across Actually it is not the first time I have been on the site but I had in the past just browsed through the information there. So I sat down and did some comprehensive reading. They have several great printable work out plans to help get you started and some awesome nutritional advice.

I have been eating clean for a few years now but I realized that I have slowly let in some processed foods back into my diet. I'm eating about 60% clean right now. It is time for me to get back to 80% clean eating.

I really want to see more abdominal muscle definition and build more leg muscle. So I decided to commit to loses 18 more pounds and to use Jamie Eason (free) 12 week LiveFit Trainer program to get me started. I am kind of excited about this new journey. No more DVD's, I will be using my home gym or going to the gym. I love the portability of this program and the fact that I can access it on my phone. In addition I can print all the exercises and directions off the site as well.

In the past it was my goal was just lose weight and to no longer be obese. Now I am on a completely new journey, and obesity is a thing of the past for me. So I am purging my cabinets and stocking my fridge and freezer with all my clean staples.

Summer is near, what is your plan?

Friday, April 12, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:

It has been over two years since I started this journey and I have successfully maintained my weight loss. I have to admit I am a different person and I have made some significant changes in my life. I feel stronger both mentally and physically. I can see a change in my husband and children. It is wonderful to see them make good choice without thinking about it. It feels good modeling the right behavior for my children. My toddler has no idea what our old lifestyle was like so to him our active lifestyle is normal. My seven year old embraces it most of the time but he has his moments like every child where he wants junk food and fast food. I give into him once in a blue moon but for the most part he has adjusted.

The Bad:

Motivation is still a daily battle, it is funny though. I wake up every morning before my alarm clock goes off and talk my self into my workout. Some mornings it is a thirty second pep talk and others it is a ten minute scolding. I know the title of this portion is the bad but I don't think it is a bad thing. Motivation is renewable as far as I am concerned and I feel like as long as I am conscious about my need to move forward. Then I will remain steadfast on the journey to health and fitness.

The Ugly:

Losing weight does not solve all your body image problems. There will always be something to work on or ridicule. For me having lost 110 pounds and carrying most of my weight in my legs. I am dealing with firming up my legs and it has been a uphill battle. Most of my skin bounced back and firmed every where else but there are parts of my thighs that have some loose skin and it is frustrating. The good news is, the more I weight train the better it looks. This however is not a overnight process and consistency is the key. So I keep going and I know perfection does not exist. I will just keep working hard to be the best me I can be!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Up and Downs

So I have been a horrible blogger lately and I really don't have an excuse. Life just seemed to get in the way of me taking the time to write down my thoughts.

So I have committed myself to blogging more consistently again and you can look forward to Friday posts.

As far as weight loss is concerned I an up 3lbs from my goal, I spent the past week in my hometown planning my fathers funeral. Food just was not interesting and I did not eat enough or well. I started back today working out and getting back on track with my food. I am sure I will be back at goal in 2 weeks or so.

I have been working more consistently on creating more time for myself to workout. Right now I get up at 5:30 am to workout before the kids get up. It seems like that is the only time that I can carve out for myself. Hopefully when I am off for the summer I will be able to enjoy a afternoon run again. I have found that exercise helps me to decrease the stress in my life and it is easier to deal with everyday problems.

I have found that as parents sometimes we put our selves last, not intentionally. We do it because we love our children. I have come to the conclusion that I needed to put myself first 2 hours out of the day. Considering the fact that we have 24 hours in a day , that is not a lot. So I will no longer feel bad about!! I know it sounds like a confession, well it is ! I am guilty for feeling bad for taking time for myself, like I am sure many of you are. In order for me to be a better mom, wife, professor, friend, daughter and colleague. I have to find time to build a better me 1 hour of exercise and 1 hour of self reflection , writing or shopping. Shoot shopping can have it's healing qualities.

What ever you do today make sure you take some time out for YOU!!!!!
Regardless of how I spend my second hour I think it will make me be a better me.