Thursday, October 7, 2010

Slow and Steady

Shows like Biggest Loser and Thintervention make us feel like weight loss should be fast.  You see people losing five to ten pounds a week. So after a week of eating right and working out you think you should see the same results. Instead when you get on the scale you see a weight loss of one to two pounds or less.  You begin to think that you’re not doing enough and it is a possible that you won’t lose weight fast enough.
You have to realize that a loss is a loss. Regardless of how much weight you lose, you weigh less now than you did before. Celebrate every loss as a victory and be proud of your accomplishment.   If you were locked up on a ranch with nothing to do all day but exercise, you would lose weight quickly as well. But we live in the real world with daily obligations.  Safe and lasting weight loss is slow and steady.  It might benefit you to keep track of your body measurements weekly and weigh your self monthly.  That weigh you’re not consumed with weekly weigh loss.  
What ever your plan is remember it does not matter how much you lose, every loss is a victory.

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