Friday, April 22, 2016

Authentically Me!!!

Fourteen years ago I decided to go natural. I was tired of the relaxers and perms breaking my hair. I also wore braids most of the time anyway.  My boyfriend at the time laughed at me after I cut my hair and said I look like a boy. 

Needless to say neither he nor the hairstyle lasted. Six months later with him gone I went natural yet again. My hair for me has always been a part of my identity. Ask any black woman and many of your childhood memeories has something to with getting your hair done. 

I have always loved the look of Locs on other women but my excuse was that I change my hair too much to get them myself. The reality is I was scared and not brave enough to do it. Just like going natural I tried it a few times and went back to naturally loosed. 

I knew when I was ready to be authentically me my hair would reflect that. 10 months ago, healing really occurred in my life. I decided I wanted the world to see me. The real me not the person that had represented me for so long. So I started my Locs.  Honestly from the first day I was in love with myself.  I saw me everyday, in the mirror and it did not matter to me what anyone else thought about it.  To some this may seem silly. They found that freedom a long time a go but when you have lived the live I have,it take a little bit longer to get where you need to be. 

So this post is celebrating the fact that the real Keisha finally stood up!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Silence No More

The book has been sent to the publisher!!! #silencenomore

The website is almost complete!!!!!!  Hoping we can roll it out on May 1 but may have to wait until June. I am so excited this is finally happening!!!

If you would like to submit a video about how silence has been present in your life. Don't wait contact me. All it take is for you to record a video on your web cam and send it to me, I will do the rest!!!!