Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can I do this?

I had to tell my self that today, as I was running. After spending five days at a convention where I did workout. Not as much as I should have but I got my exercise in. I arrived home feeling tired and depleted. So Monday, my workout never actually happened, in fact I opted for pie instead. Well today after I dropped the boys at childcare, I parked around the corner for my run.  After completing a mile and a half. I found myself asking if I could make it. Then it hit me, it is not can I  but will I make it. If I decide that I am going to do it, I will. If I doubt my own ability then I wont.

Half the battle of working out is overcoming the mental barriers you place on yourself.  You can physically do more than you think you can. That mental voice in your head, will sometimes talk you out of it. I often have to recite positive affirmations to myself when I feel like I am losing motivation.  Sometimes it is as simple as repeating " I can do this" over and over as I work through a hard session. When I am done I say " I did it!!" 

Remove the negative thoughts about your ability and start realizing your potential. Instead of saying " there is no way I can squat a hundred pounds"  say " I  am working toward squatting a hundred pounds.  This holiday season give yourself the gift of positivity!!!!