Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Journey...

Yup, that is right 2012 marks  the beginning of a new journey for me. I have been successful on this journey for 538 days, about a year and a half. For the most part I have been researching and learning how to be who I wanted to be.  Now that I am sure, what direction I want to go in it feel amazing to have the tools to do what I want. The ticker on the side of the page brings me so much joy and I feel like I have a accomplished goal that I have been working for most of my adult life.

So I am not making any resolutions because they seem to fade. I have goals for this year that I will accomplish.    

1. Eat Clean- I am switching my family to clean eating. I have dabbled in it for 8 months and  I am switching to eating clean at least 95% of the time. I usually have 1 meal a week that is just a treat, so I will leave room for that. Eating clean will help me to get my body where I want to be. As far as muscle definition and will help my work outs really do what they are meant to do. The reality of this journey is that 80% of losing weight is your diet!!! I will be doing a few blogs on clean eating soon. If your on Weight Watchers a good way to switch to eating clean in to use the Simply Filling Plan.

2. I have joined the 2012 Golds Gym 12 week Challenge  and  plan to win it!!!! So look for more blogs on the challenge and my results. It starts Jan 4th  and ends March 28th!

3. I am running the Divas Half Marathon on May 20th in Myrtle Beach SC.

4. Keep Going, Keep Pushing, Work Harder!!!!!!  

4 fitness goal for 2012 seem like more than enough. I hope that this year I can help motivate you to keep going and if you have not started to start today!!!

Day 1 GET UP !!!!!!


Marion said...

I love reading your blog and your an inspiration to me. I had a baby 15 months ago and I haven't lost any of my baby weight. I actually put on at least 10 lbs more. I am not used to being this size. I hate clothes shopping, taking pics and meeting people. Basically I'm not comfortable in my skin. I work the midnight shift and it's hard to get a regular eating or sleeping schedule. I have no problem with working out but I'm drained because I only get an hour or two of sleep during the day and maybe two to three hours in the evening before I go back in. I'm gonna try my hardest to make it work some how this year. My goal is to lose 60lbs. I'm looking forward to reading about the clean eating for some pointers. Thanks for being my inspiration to do better. Oh and have a Happy New Year!!

Kenisha said...

THANK YOU!!! I was where you are my son is 18months old and I could not imagine working the midnight shift. I will say that I put my boys on a strict schedule that has allowed me to spend time with them and myself. So if he is in bed by 7 then you can catch a nap and exercise before work. I know this is a difficult journey especially as a mother with a young toddler. but your worth it and you can do it!!! Please check back in and let me know how your doing Blessings!!!