Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nosey Neighbor

We all have them , that one person who you run from when you are entering or leaving your house.  Well on my block we have a few of them who seem to observe everything. Recently while I was in the grocery store Miss. Nosey  approached me to ask about my shopping habits, she also asked about my husband  but anyway.

Miss Nosey: Why do you only shop on the edge of the grocery store?

Me:  Because that is where all the things I need are.

Miss Nosey:  If that is all your eating I see why you don lost all that weight.

Me: ( silence)

Miss Nosey: Retha though you got the surgery but I told her I used to see you running in the morning when I was drinking my coffee.

Me: No I did not have surgery

Miss Nosey: I figured, cause I woulda noticed if you were gone anyway. Shoot I don't see the Pizza man come to your house no more  either.

Me: (silence)

Besides that fact that I noticed this woman is watching my house. I realized that other people notice when you change, regardless  of it being positive or negative. When you change it shows,  don't think that your changes go un noticed. In fact even the Grocery store you shop at is aware of your changes.  I always get store coupons, that spit out the machines at the end of my purchases. I used to get cookie coupons and soda coupons. Now I get organic food coupons and fruit coupons because that is what I purchase. Your changes will be apparent  to everyone,  that is one more way to hold your self accountable. Think about who is watching while you slowly change.

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