Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are you a Pusha Man?

It is that time of the year where cookies, cakes and sweet treats are in abundance everywhere you go. They are hard to avoid and many times your will power is tested many times a day. I say have a cookie or a slice of something and move on.

There are however some people that make that a difficult task. You know who I am talking about, I like to call them the "Pusha Man". They are the people that insist you eat some of their cookies because they are so good and demand that you have seconds because you only live once.  The walk around the office with tins of treats adorning Holiday sweaters
waiting for you.
The question is are you the "Pusha Man"? Regarless if it is with Holiday treats or gym invitations. Are you constantly bombarding others with offers that they want to refuse.  We have to be aware that not everyone wants to partake in our treats or workouts. We need be conscious or attempts to persuade or annoy others with our offers. Sometimes we are so excited about what we have to offer that we want everyone to partake in our joy. Be-careful  you may be a Pusha Man!!

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