Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 4

Today is usually my day off from the gym, so I am sore!!!!!
Anyway, I ran the 2 miles first because running is my thing. In fact the running part is fun to me( I know scary). So I think that is the easy part to the challenge.  The push ups hurt and I am truly feeling the burn today. The crunches and lunges were not that bad but I am sure  I will feel the burn soon. 

Push up Stats:                    2 Mile Stats:
                 Day 1- 41            Day 2- 26 minutes
                 Day 2 - 44           Day 3 -  21 min
                 Day 3 -39            Day 4 - 23 min
                 Day 4 - 46 

How was your day 4?

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