Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goal Day!!!!

I have to thank Val for the split pictures that she did for me.  You can see the difference is crazy with these amazing pictures. I have lost close to ninety pounds of fat and I feel amazing. As you can see by the ticker on the side I still have some weight left to lose. I will continue to work toward my weight loss goal until I achieve it but I am also focusing on other  fitness goals as well.

1.  extending my daily run to 6 miles

2.  (next year)  Bikini photo with great abs!!!

3. Running a 1/2 marathon

4. Complete P90X2

5. Work on my muscle definition

6.  To actually write my food down instead of tracking on the computer. I sometimes fail to keep track when I dont have access technology. So I plan to start writing my food down because I should have no excuses

WOW  my goals are different!!!!!! I can say that I have completed all of my previous goals and I am looking forward to sharing the rest of this journey with you all.  Next goal day January 1, I should be running 6 miles a day by then. Time to get some cold weather running gear. If you have any doubt about Getting Off The Couch. I can tell you , that you wont regret  it. If you cant get off the couch, I have a solution for you to, until you can. 

This Elliptical machine has an average cost of $80.00 and you can sit on the couch and use it. That is until you can get off the couch  on your own.   You can start this journey today, it is your life!

Blessings and Love!!!!!

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