Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What the @#$% am I doing wrong!!!!

That is how I felt a bit last month when I felt like I hit a Plataea . I really had to look at what I was doing and make sure I was really on plan.  On the Surface it appeared that was, I was running every morning, eating fairly well. I would treat myself occasionally but nothing to extravagant or high in calories.

So I decided to sit down and look at a few things:
1. My food diary
2. My fitness journal and run keeper
3. My attitude

1. Food Diary:
I realized that I failed to complete some of  meal entries and that I had  over indulged in some meals then skipped others. I also realized that I was eating almost the same thing every week. Shoot i got bored just reading it. That would explain why I am finding my self, uninterested in food more and more.

2. Fitness Journal:
My journal showed that I was consistent with working out but in the intensity column I was checking moderate. Which means to me that I was not working as hard as could be working out during some of my workouts. I also saw that I was doing some of the same workout consistently and I was getting bored with them. Running was consistent I did it six days a week but my distance was not progressing, I was consistently at 3.5 miles.

3. Attitude:
Hmmmm what can I say, I have been a bit annoyed with everything lately. So I am sort of being ruled by emotions and it is time for me to let my brain take control.

After reviewing all of that I realize that I need to get out the cook book or my stack of cooking light magazines and do some meal planning.  I really need to make sure that I write down everything that I eat as well.   Enjoying what I eat is important to me, I did not gain 110 extra pounds eating boring food. So I am not going to lose the weight eating boring food!! I also have to get back the intensity in my workouts, find my hunger again. Running will always be a part of my life so, I need to increase my distance. Finally my attitude, I have to stop worrying about things I can not control and stop letting emotions rule me.

I think I have said this time and time again, this journey is a very difficult one. I am learning about my self more and more each day. Even though this road is a narrow one, I am so glad I decided to Get off The Couch!!!!!

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