Friday, September 23, 2011

Small Changes

Working out does not have to be painful and grueling. Working out can be fun if you learn how to enjoy simple everyday things. Sunday  and  Tuesday we have a dance hour in my house, it was started to run out some of that energy that my kids have before they wind down for bed.  Not only is it fun but, it is a work out. By the time we are done everyone is sweating and  bath time is a necessary for everyone involved.  My kids love it  and they are always asking " Do we have dance hour today?" My one year old frequently walks up to the television and starts to dance and points at me.

Another thing that I now do religiously is take the stairs, it does not matter how many flights. I always take the stairs up and down.  It has been my goal for quite sometime not to be winded when I reached the top step. Currently I can do ten  flights with out breaking a sweat and that feels amazing. Shoot a lady still has to look good when she reaches her destinations. I have been known to take off my shoes and carry toiletries just in case.

Finally, we all must shop regardless of what we are shopping for. If you park in the farthest spot possible you will be sure to get a workout every time you go to the grocery store.  I usually park in the last spot available in the lot.  A few small changes will help increase your activity level slowly. Don't be afraid to change some habits,  change  will eventually  help you  Get Off The Couch!!!!

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