Monday, September 19, 2011

My hectic life

So my  life has been so hectic, my son plays football now. So my evening are a constant race to get to practice, make dinner, eat, work out , give baths, read stories and prep for the next day. 
I have created a checklist of what has to be done each day and for me working out is on the list. I know myself and as much as I love running outside,cold weather is deterrent. So as of tomorrow I am back in the gym in the morning. It is actually a good thing because I need  to shake up my routine and the gym will help me do that.

On a side note no one told me that my calf's would shrink so, now I have to replace all of my knee boots. I am dreading the loss of my lovely shoes :(   Oh well if getting off the couch gets me three new pairs of knee boots who am I to complain.

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