Friday, September 30, 2011

Can you still eat chocolate?

I had to laugh when a colleague asked me this today.  I was leaving the book store after  picking  up my chocolate fix  and she appeared mortified at my purchase.  As if I was  going to destroy all of my hard work with one candy bar. It takes far more than one candy bar to gain 89 pounds back.

However, I do eat chocolate just not the way I used to, instead of purchasing a king size candy bar and eating the entire thing.  I break it into 4 pieces and enjoy 1/4 of it a day over  4 days. This way I still get my chocolate  fix but it does not effect my waist line.  I add it into my daily points values and  forget it. I don't do this every week or everyday. Even if I did, everything in moderation is OK!

I have found that over eating is difficult for me to do now. My body show signs of being full much sooner than it did in the past.  When I am full my body shows, no interest in food and it is hard for me to consume unnecessary calories. I now look for my body to signal hunger before I eat, and this has become second nature to me.  In the past I remember eating an never feeling hunger or feeling like I was always starving.  I no longer have those uncomfortable feelings. I think that is an accomplishment, it shows  that I am in control!!!!

Don be afraid of your favorite things, find a way to eat them in moderation that work for you.

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