Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Pusher Man

It’s that time of the year when the “pushers” in your life try to convince that just one bite won’t hurt.  You know the folks I am talking about the one who bring dessert in to work and says “You have to taste this!!”   The person in your life who insist that your life is over because you won’t eat their wonderful dish.  It is time to think of a plan to stick to your guns this year. Most people gain anywhere from 7 to 15 pound s this season. So a cookie here and a piece of pie there could sabotage your plan.
I decided this year that I would let the pushers in my life know ahead of time that I was not interested. I was surprised to see that they understood and promised me they would not push this year.   Although this is the holiday season the actual holiday is only ONE day.  So if I decide to indulge it will be during the meal, the day of the holiday.
Let’s be proactive this season and block the "Pushers" before they come!!!

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