Friday, December 3, 2010

The Challenge!!!

With the Holiday season upon us I need a goal to reach for. There is so much temptation to go overboard with all these yummy holiday foods. I just started  getting the 25 days of cookies e-mail. I know I did not sign up for that mess and it wont let me unsubscribe. It is like e-mail torture on a daily basis, I can hear The Cookie Monster in the back ground yelling "COOKIES". 

That got me thinking the 25 days of cookies is an e-mail that gives you a daily reminder, to bake cookies for the holiday season. Instead of dreading this e-mail I am going to use it as motivation. In stead of 25 days of cookies. I am doing 25 days  of aerobic exercise.  I started December 1st after mulling over that e-mail for 45 minutes, drooling.  I was on my way to the kitchen to bake cookies and my elliptical caught my eye.  Then I happened to look in my mirror and see my progress.

I have to admit I was full of my self that day, so I started talking to the mirror.
"I look kinda good  and cookies might just ruin my progress."  Then I turned to side " I could use a lot of work on my legs, they need more toning."  Then I looked at my rear and shouted " CHALLENGE". 
OK I may be a bit silly but the idea is that for 25 days every time I see that e-mail;  instead of baking I am going to jump on my elliptical and put in 45 minutes of aerobic exercise.  I am committed to use my elliptical for those 25 days  and increase my time if necessary.  I choose my elliptical because it is in my house and I don't have to do anything extra to make this happen. 

This is a realistic goal for me, you need to find one for you .  Maybe it is 25 days of doing an exercise DVD that you have. What ever your exercise goal is you need to think about a few things first:
1. Is this a realistic goal?
2. Can I complete this task daily?
3. Do I have the resources to complete this task?
4. What is my motivation to complete this task?

I am ready for 25 straight days of getting off the couch, this is day three for me. Will this be day 1 for you?

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