Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sadness creeps up during the night.  When everyone else is sleeping. The only sounds that exist in my room are quiet murmurs from the television.  Surrounded by the soft snores of my husband. 

That is the moment when I feel it my chest so tightly and I usually fight it first. Try not to let it sink in my heart but then before I could muster up the energy to fight it, a tear slips from my eye.  I know then that I am going to let them fall. 

I let them fall, slide down my face One after another rushing to my chin. I can't make them stop if I tried. My body quivers and my husband rolls over in his sleep an takes me in his arms. 

Peace exists at that moment when he loves me the way I need to be loved. In silence while my emotions flow freely and my tears stain his shirt. 

It ends about an hour after is started but the emotion does not leave. It changes to love. 


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