Friday, September 25, 2015

Idenity Quest

"Who am I ?"  This question has been asked by almost every person I know. It seems that we are all on this quest to figure out who we are or where we need to be.  It is like we are on this journey that requires us to  change all the the time. Never being satisfied with where we are now.  I am guilty of  this, constantly looking for what to do or fix next.

The reality is, or what I  think is important to remember is that we miss the present. When you are constantly looking to change, how do you appreciate the now. At what point are you grateful for who you are today. Obviously we all need to change and grow but it seems to me that we spend far too much money and time worrying about what we will be. We then fail to be present and never appreciate the now.

It is not my intent to make growth seem unnecessary,  growth is gradual and comes with time.  It is the constant need to be the better you or  to imitate what we see in others, physically and economically. Sometimes I feel like it is the fault of capitalism which puts us in the consumer mind set. Making success seem like something that you can purchase. There is always some new product or idea that we need to try and ultimately it is going to make us happier, wealthier, thinner and more attractive. 

What if, we decided to look at ourselves today and say, your are  pretty damn awesome. Yeah, I have goals but there is nothing wrong with who I am. Then we stop putting money into the machine that helps to deplete the self esteem of individuals everywhere.   What if?????

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