Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snowmagedden 2015

It started snowing on Sunday and we have basically been in the house with exception of sledding and trips to the grocery store. I hit our community gym and jumped on the elliptical and did a few in home workouts but lets be honest, I have not worked out as hard  or watched my intake nearly as much as I should have.

So this week I might have a gain and the scale will tell me the truth of my actions. Am I upset about it ?NO! I enjoyed my boys and husband. We went sledding at 11pm, roasted s'mores, watched endless movies and ate popcorn. We danced to loud music and vegged in Pjs all day, I was able to motivate my friends from afar. I lounged in front of the fire and drank wine with my husband while reminiscing about the snow days B.C. (Before Children). I got absolutely no work done other than a conference call and a few emails. 

This was great week that ends with my husband and I celebrating 13 years together(10 1/2 years married and 13 years together ). So I lived In the moment and it is okay, if you were not perfect this week it is okay. I won't remember that I gained a pound this week but I will remember the fun we had as a family. I will remember the smiles and laughs that we had this week.  It was worth it to me!  When  I first started this journey over four years ago, there was no way I could have done this and bounced back. I know now that there is always tomorrow  and that you have to live to continue on this journey successfully. 

So don't beat yourself up about one week, I guarantee that I will be back in beast mode starting Saturday mourning. No worries here. 

Be good to you!
Blessings K

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