Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you looking at me?

I have a confession to make. I am the woman on the treadmill, dancing, playing air drums and smiling( I don't sing out loud). I cant help it , music is what keeps me going at the gym. I am in a zone and  I am not concerned what others think about me at the gym. Look, laugh, point and stare all you want.  I am having a blast in my own little world.
The irony of this situation is, I used to be the woman who thought she was too fat to go to the gym. I thought that people would look at me because I was overweight and laugh at me. Now I could care less who is watching me.
Gym time is a time for me to work out all the stress in my life. I run, kick , lift or push it all away. I am usually stress free 10 minutes into my workout and that is when a huge smile spreads across my face. If you have children then you may know how difficult it is to work out at home. My children are pretty young so they are usually hanging on some part of my body while I am home. When I am working, I am dealing with students and administrative duties all day. So working out on campus is not fun and actually kind of weird if you ask me.
When I hit my gym, where you wont find any children and I have never seen one student there yet. ( knock on wood). I am in my own private oasis where I can work on becoming a better me.  I have learned a lot of lessons  while dragging my self along this journey.  Learning to carve out time daily to dedicate specifically to myself  is the best lesson I've learned  yet.

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Holly Curtis said...

Thanks for this! I am that girl who is always worried about the people looking at me in the gym. If I could make myself invisible, I would. You have inspired me to try not to worry so much and just concentrate on ME! That's what this is all about! You are such a great inspiration! Keep up the good work!