Friday, March 25, 2011

Closet Woes

I love shopping but, I also think that there are some pieces in my closet that I am emotionally attached to. I know it sounds silly but I have some pieces that I looked fabulous in regardless of what I used to weigh. I have now entered a place where I cant wrap my wrap dresses enough to make them fit, the tailor refuses to take in my lucky pants anymore and my favorite heels are too big. 

I have bagged up my 20's,18's,16's and today it appears that the 14's are on the way out the door. I feel like my house is a consignment store.  I am very happy about this accomplishment.  Before I started this journey I used to see clothing on the clearance rack in a smaller size and buy it. It sounds insane but it was for "when I lose weight".  I have not completed my journey but I am no longer in the plus size section or stores.   I can  walk into Express and Limited and find my size.  Stores that I used to pass and say " one day".  Well today is the day and I have no idea what to buy.

I am fully capable of dressing the plus size Keisha but at my current size I am weary. Excited but weary, I still pick up an XL and take it to the dressing room. Only to ask the attendant to bring me a smaller size.  I guess it might take a bit of time for my mind to catch up with my body.  As summer approaches I am sure I will get there.  So I am picking up a few style magazines and learning how to shop for the new me.

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