Monday, February 21, 2011

Keep Going!!!

Last week I felt all out of whack and it seemed like I was  making all the wrong choices.  I can admit that I was discouraged thinking that instead of losing I would gain.   Sort of felt like my next goal date was inching closer and my progress did not seem enough.
Instead of giving up I stayed on plan, I worked out when I could. I ate what I was supposed to and treated myself (within  portion size). I look back now and see that I was just in a funk but instead of resorting to old habits I kept going.
I kept working out, eating right and resisting temptation. The result was a light bulb moment,
I lost my goal amount for the week. I also gained  a new perspective on perseverance.  To keep going even when it seems like you may not receive your desired out come is true perseverance.
As I push my self through this journey, I am learning more about myself and what it takes to change. Change is not easy  and it does not happen quickly. It is slow, painful and rewarding.  The rewards don't come when you want them but they creep up slowly and surprise you.  

As you can see from the ticker on the side I am creeping up on 60lbs lost!!! I know that change is hard but it feels so good!!!!


Holly Curtis said...

You are so awesome, and you are doing so great! You totally inspired me when you started this blog, but I finally just got my butt in gear! Thanks for the continued inspiration. :-)

Kenisha said...

Thank You!!!