Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Myth or Two Will Derail You!!!

When you've been working out and you have small gain instead of a loss. People always tell you that muscle weighs more than fat.  WRONG!!!   When you work out with weights, the muscle tissue breaks down and has to be built back up. The process of healing causes fluid retention in the muscle tissue, which causes a minor gain( ounces).
Muscle is leaner and does not take up as much room but fat will take up more room and will look bulky.  So a person with 2 pounds of muscle will look leaner than a person with 2 pounds of fat. They will however weight the same.

top is  fat / bottom muscle 
 A pound of muscle weighs the same amount as a pound of fat. They just look differently. Fat does not turn into muscle. You can lose fat and gain muscle but fat can not turn into muscle. You can however have muscle under fat but you will have to lose the fat in order to see the muscle.
If you stop exercising your muscle will not turn into fat but it will be covered with fat. Thus making the muscle less visible.  To lose fat you must burn more calories in a day than you consume.

Losing weight is all about balance,if you are trying to lose fat then you need to do more cardio than strength training. But you still need to include some strength training in your routine.  I currently  do cardiovascular training five days week and resistance training two days a week. When I have lost my desired amount of fat,I will decrease my cardio and increase my weight training.

There will be ups and downs on this journey but don't buy into myths. It is important to spend some time learning about fitness and your body.That way you understand the process your body is going through, further you wont be discouraged  due to a lack of information.

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