Thursday, October 15, 2015

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Day

Today is  bitter sweet day for so many women(men) who have angels they wish were on earth.  I look at my children and realize the blessing they are because of the five babies that we lost before we could see their faces. Each loss chips way at you and breaks your heart more and more.

There is a population of women who covet motherhood because they are trying but not able to carry a baby to term. It is a difficult journey, not to mention the women who are trying but not conceiving. As a society we often make announcements or ask personal questions  without regard for others.  The question : When are you having a baby? or Are you trying for number two?, may seem like simple questions. It however is heartbreak for so many who are trying and spending all of their money to try and have a baby.

Mothers day rolls around an these women are ignored because the assumption is that you must have a child on earth in order to be a mother. Well that is not the case, if you have carried a child in your womb then you are indeed a mother. If you were blessed to adopt a child, you are indeed a mother.  There are many women that mother children who they are not related to but  see on a daily basis.  The idea of motherhood should be extended to include women who may never have given birth but play the role in life.

So today, I will release balloons for my babies that I know are watching over me and light candles in honor of them and all my friends who have lost their babies today. I am lucky, I have a group of women that understand my story. They have supported me and walked every step of this journey with me. To them today, I want to say I love you!!!! Thank You!! you have shared my joy and pain and allowed me to share indoor as well.

To all the ladies out there still trying or feeling the pain of today, I am with you. I know no words can express what you are feeling, blessings today.

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