Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Road blocks or excuses?

So I got up on Monday and the weather was beautiful. I found myself upset because I felt like I had no where to run. I live in a location where sidewalks are scarce an lately that has become a bit of a hindrance to my running. I am bored with running the same routes and it seems like I am finding it hard to run the distance I desire with out looping the same places twice.

This would not be an issue but I get bored easily and boredom for me equals lack of motivation. So as I was having this conversation with myself. I realized mid thought that I was allowing sidewalks to become a roadblock to running. I seem to allow silly things to get in the way of meeting my goals. I am running a half marathon in march and I need to push my mileage up slowly to run that race successfully.

Why am I too good to run on grass, or in the bike lane? As long as I take off my Ipod and remain alert I can run anywhere in my neighborhood. So Monday I left my Ipod at home and hit the road, I am not sure how far I ran but I know that it was much farther than the 4.5 mile rut I had been stuck in.  I felt amazing after that run and removed the word can't from the situation.

In addition , the Weight Watchers center in my area is closed. They have community meetings that are at times that just don't meet with my schedule.  So decided I would set up a at work meeting on campus. It is more convenient for me and several other people that I  work with. Sometimes you have to create solutions  to your road blocks.

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