Monday, March 5, 2012

The Imaginary Wall

I often meet this wall when I am working out . It is like you get to that point  where you feel like , your legs are heavy and you can move anymore. You have hit the wall, I call it my imaginary wall, in the past I would just stop.  My body is telling me that it cant do it anymore, every step seems to be more and more difficult.  I think we all hit the wall but  the difference is what we do when we meet up with it.

Many of of us give up far too soon, we think that we can't go on. The question is: Have you  ever tried to go any further? If you have never tried to keep going, how will you know if you can do it or not?  We sell ourselves short when we don't realize that we have the potential to do more. If your loved ones  were in danger beyond that wall, would you stop or would you fight to get to them?  Would you keep pushing your self until you achieved your goal, I know I would.

When I made a decision to break down my imaginary wall, I had been running 1 .5 miles on a daily basis and it seemed that I would always lose steam at when the announcement came on through my iPod that I was at 1.47 miles. One day I realized that, I was giving up and I need to push through to see what would happen.  The first thing I did  was turn off the  miles announcement on my iPod.  Then I made my self and energy packed play list. That day , when I started my run  I was determined to run  more than 1.5 miles.  When I finally hit my wall and looked at my iPod I had ran 2.76 miles.  It was proof  positive that I could do more than even I knew I was capable.

Now when I strap my sneakers to run, I never say I am going to run 6 miles. I say to myself that today I am going to break  down that wall and keep going. We all have imaginary walls that hold us back, can you look in your life and see where your wall stands ?

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