Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The stress monster has arrived

Really, it appears as if there was a meeting that I was not invited to. They decided that  everything that could go wrong, would go wrong in my life at the same moment. Which left me sleep deprived due to travel and stress. Usually my first stop  would be the grocery store to pick up some comfort food and sweet snacks.I have realized that is not the answer, so I figured I would share what I do to deal with stress.

With a husband, two children, a career, bills and a host of other unpaid duties life can get stressful. I have always been an emotional eater,so I always turn to food to soothe me. If I need to have food to comfort me , it has to be fuel. So I  have carrots and a teaspoon of  peanut butter, instead of a slice of cake.  I always make sure to eat breakfast when I know I am having a stressful day. That  way I don't have an urge to overeat or grab sugary snack later in the day.

On those really stressful days, I amp up my exercise. I head into the gym and take a boxing class, my gym has a kids gym and daycare. So I drop the boys off and head into the boxing rooms. I  go through all the boxing circuits  for an hour until I feel better. I usually run down to the snack bar afterward for a recovery drink.  The young lady behind the counter, always has  some hilarious story to tell me. I find that laughter soothes the soul and make you forget about all that ails you.

I have also come to the realization that the stress will come back. So instead of ending a stressful day, hoping the stress wont come back. I now make a plan to deal with stressful situations. That way I can prevent having to deal with the same stressful issues  in the future. Confronting  problems maybe stressful initially but in the long run it prevents future stress.

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