Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving is coming......

Seriously when you are trying to lose weight Thanksgiving is definitely the elephant in the room. Forgetting what is is really supposed to mean , this holiday is all about food. Not just any food but fattening and extremely tasty food. If you grew up in my family, it was never done on a small scale. The amount of food that was available could have easily fed the entire neighborhood. In fact it usually did feed the neighborhood and there were leftovers.

I have some awesome memories from those holiday but now that look back. It was not about the food but about the family and friends that we got to share it with. In the past eight years, I noticed that thanksgiving has not been the same, the same food was available  but the people were gone.  In the past few years I have been reducing the amount of food that I cook for the holidays. Making it a simple meal instead of one that lingers in the house for days. 

This year I am deviating from the traditional menu, I am actually making a seafood dinner. Steamed seafood , pasta salad and a vegetables . I am making one yummy desert but I have to figure out what it will be. Our gym will be open on Thanksgiving, so we will start the day off in the gym playing basketball with the boys.  Then head home and everyone will have something to do in the kitchen to help prepare our meal. I am excited about thanksgiving this year because I think we will be creating some new traditions. I want my children to remember this time not because of the food but because of the memories we made.

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