Monday, November 28, 2011

Change is good

ha ha ha ha ha. I have to laugh  at my self because after six weeks of immersing my self in locking my hair. I have removed them. I am not ready, it does not mean I wont do it in the future, just not now.

I am also embracing my days off a little bit more,I have been in overdrive for a year and my days off seemed to have disappeared as of late. I was reading Oxygen magazine a few days ago and I realized that some months I go 3 weeks without an adequate rest day.  Rest is necessary for your muscles to recover and I need  to take rest days more often. I feel awesome and recharged after a day of rest last week.

As you can see from the ticker on the side I  have taken a break from the scale, it has been refreshing in fact. I will jump on the scale Saturday to see what my progress has been. I am looking forward to making it to goal. It seems so close but so far away sometimes.  A new year is approaching, stay tuned I will post my 2012 goals soon!!!

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