Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I keep getting asked what keeps me going on this journey.  What is my motivation?
I have my days were I am like F&^% this!!! and I want to drown myself in chocolate. Days where I feel like just sitting all day and not moving off the couch.  The thing is I have been on this journey before  and I have given up before. Only to slowly roll back into the same position I was in before.  

Part of my motivation is that I know what it is like to be stuck on the "couch". The couch is just a metaphor for where ever you cant seem to get away from because of your weight. So I have been stuck in the "plus size section" and benched during the game. Unable to ride the rides at the amusement park and uncomfortable on the plane. I have been ridiculed for my weight and laughed at.  I have always been a strong person but I cant say those things have not been motivation. Why would I want to be back in that position again. A position that I myself would be creating.

Beyond the superficial reason I have already listed, I have to say that I feel differently now. I  am much more energetic and positive because of who I have become. I know that there is a solution to every problem, that I just have to find.

So when I am feeling like giving up, I take a moment and remember where I came from. I think about all the hard work a dedication it took to get where I am. I enjoy a piece of chocolate and  then head to complete my workout. Half way through my work out I usually forget why I doubted myself in the first place.

I also want to add as  mothers(fathers), wives(husbands),employees,  friends etc. we have tons of responsibilities. If  you are to be successful you must dedicate time to your self everyday.  With out excuses, nothing can come in the way of your time. You must make time even on busy days to take care of yourself. That is the one thing I do now, is I invest in me!!! If I know that I will have a busy day, I plan everything around my workout.  I love my family but if i am not happy they wont get the best me. So I have to put me first for 2 hours a day!

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