Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation complexities

I am so sorry that I have been MIA but vacation has made it difficult to blog. So vacation was great, I maintained my running schedule although to be honest I had to stop working out twice a day for a week.  Eating was a challenge, we were gone for like three weeks.  So I did eat a few meals that I would not consider part of my plan. However I am ok with it, I did not gain but I only loss a 1/2 a pound in three weeks. So I guess you can say I did OK, considering living in hotels, spare rooms and traveling non stop for three weeks.

Where am I now?, well I am working on getting back to my 6am running schedule. The summer was awesome because I was able to run at 8am but since I need to be at work at 8 that is out of the question. I am also participating in 10lbs challenge with my husband. I am don't want to lose that bet so I am focused!!!

So I am in the max interval part of Insanity and it is indeed insane!!!!!!  So I am back from vacation and still grinding toward my goal. I wont stop even whenI get there!!!

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