Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Goals

I revisit my goal about every three months, so that they stay fresh in my mind. I did however want to make some long term goals for the year.  I am taking into consideration that my goal day is July 20,2011 so these really are goals up until that point.
1.   Cardio 5 time a week, to improve cardiovascular fitness.  I want to feel better when I am walking for long periods of time so  I think 5 days of cardio a week will help me with that.
2.   Make sure to add more vegetable to my meals, I eat veggies but I am sure that I can add more to meals for added vitamins. I would prefer to eat my vitamins  instead of using supplements.
3.   Stop buying gadgets!!!!!
4.   Stop being so preoccupied with the scale, the problem with some weight loss programs is that you must weigh in every week. I still weigh in but I only want to receive my loss total monthly.
I stopped at four because in March I am going to revisit these goals and see if I need to continue or change them.  
I decided to remove the scale form my bathroom because it started to become a habit for me to weigh myself.  I would brush my teeth then get on the scale, and then I would get discouraged by the number. Regardless of the fact that I feel great and know that I have accomplished a lot so far.  To give myself a weekly tally I will calculate the minutes of cardio I do a week.  I have also entered the world of Wii, I wish I would have  done it sooner. It is fun but also a workout!!!  I love the dance games and I find myself dancing in the living room with my husband and son for hours.  All of the games require you to move and I realize that we watch less television now. 
I have also implemented no technology Monday in my house.  Monday after 2pm, there is no television, Internet or phone use in my home. We are reading, playing board games or outside.  I had the most relaxing Monday this week and got to read a complete book. My son played with all his toys and joined me in the living room reading.

So I have some simple goals and instituted simple changes!

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